[time-nuts] EFRATOM LPRO-101

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Wed Feb 3 05:25:27 UTC 2010

Mine worked great for about two weeks, but now BITE goes high again after about 45 minutes. It's quite stable when it's locked. Haven't had a chance to look closer yet. 

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Hello all. 

I received an EFRATOM LPRO-101 last week from eBay Fluke 1, and wired it 
up last night. The results are not good. 

Using a HP 5370B counter with calibration less than one year old, the 
frequency reads = 10,000,146,012.9 
Power Applied = 24.9Vdc @ 0.30 amps after warm up 
Lamp Voltage = 5.9 Vdc 
Ext C Field = 2.437 
XTL V Mon = 14.67 
Bite = 4.57 

Bite never goes low. 

I just sent an email to the outfit I purchased it from, but would like 
to get this working instead of waiting a month or so. 

Is it dead? Any thing I can do to revive it? 

Any suggestions? 

Thanks to all. 

Jim N0OBG 


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