[time-nuts] CPLDs for clock dividers

Gerhard Hoffmann dk4xp at arcor.de
Thu Feb 4 23:26:23 UTC 2010

paul swed wrote:
> Well not having a lot of luck with the xilinx wise application.
> Its a 6.5 GB tar and after a good 5 hr plus download the tar doesn't open
> with zipgenious
> But 6.5 GB to work a cpld. Seems crazy to me.
I also had no luck two weeks ago with the single file download.
The web install worked ok, however. It downloads many smaller
files. I think my very slow DSL connection is to blame here.  :-(

Two years ago, when I still lived in Berlin, Xilinx used to have one of the
few servers that were capable to max out my (then) 16 MBit/s link.

@ Ulrich:
Did you see a show stopper with the Xilinx Coolrunners?
I have used them before and liked them. Really fast and they
consume close to no power. I'd like to deploy them for something
jitter-critical very soon.

regards, Gerhard dk4xp

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