[time-nuts] EFRATOM LPRO-101

iovane at inwind.it iovane at inwind.it
Sat Feb 6 22:46:18 UTC 2010

>Thank you all for your support and suggestions.  I did get in touch with 
>Bob and he is sending me another one.  I agree, he is great to deal with.
>I popped the cover off the unit and in fact found R215 open.   It is a 
>1208 283KOhm itsy bitsy tiny dude, and there are even tinier dudes and 
>dudettes on the board.  They must be breeding.  What happened to tube 
>sockets and wire wrap?

My LPRO repair records say that  R215 is 100K, size 0805 or 0603. 
So, please check a bit better.

>Back to the unit, It starts out at over 10, 000,100, climbs a little 
>higher, then cycles around 10.0000, 170.  The logic never goes low.

It doesn't invert voltage sweeping due to the faulty resistor, and rests on a 
It will work after replacing the resistor.

Antonio I8IOV

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