[time-nuts] Frequency comparison

Raj vu2zap at gmail.com
Sun Feb 7 15:04:26 UTC 2010

Hi! all Time-Nuts,

        For a newbie like myself at GPSDO & Rb oscillators etc. what method of frequency comparison would you gurus recommend ? Any articles on this subject ? 

        Available test instruments are: Scopes digital & Analog, counters with 0.01 Hz display at 10 Mhz (HP & Racall-Dana).

        Currently I am comparing the phase between two 10 Mhz and adjusting for the lowest drift visually on the scope and phase drift on the Racall-Dana 1992.

        Your suggestions I would like to use for calibrating the Rb oscillator with a GPSDO.


Bangalore, India. 

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