[time-nuts] T-Bolt question.

Dave Baxter dave at uk-ar.co.uk
Mon Feb 8 10:39:00 UTC 2010

A question (or two) if I may, not being a T'Bolt owner/user.  (Yet.)

Re the 1PPS output.

Can it be selected to be wider than the 20uS or so illustrated recently,
or will NTPD (on FreeBSD) work OK with that pulse "as is"?   I know TAPR
have a "FatPPS" kit, just a monostable in essance.
In case something *Needs* a wide pulse, and all you have is a pulse in
the uS region.

If the T'Bolt looses sight of the GPS satelite signals, does it continue
to provide a 1PPS output, derived from the internal Rubidium oscilator?
I think I read somewhere that it does continue to provide the 10MHz
output, in the absence of GPS signals, once it has got itself sorted in
the first place.

Lastly, unrelated to "Time" (other than it's to do with this list.)
Any (sensible) suggestions as to why I often miss a digest mail?
Nothing ends up in the spam bucket, but I seem to miss about 1 in 8
digests at the moment, mostly individual digests, but sometimes a block
of up to 4 go missing, that seems to happen just after the digest
"volume" number increments.

Cheers All.

Dave B.

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