[time-nuts] TBolt self survey

Raj vu2zap at gmail.com
Wed Feb 10 03:37:01 UTC 2010

Thanks Bob,

I live in south India 13N 77E approx, self survey says 47N 172E .. this is way off!

At 09-02-10, you wrote:
>GPS altitude is a bit different than map altitude. There is a recent thread
>if you want all the details of why. Once you do the self survey, just accept
>what ever it comes up with for altitude. If it's off by 100 meters, just
>accept it and move on.
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>Thanks Stan,
>Will do in first thing in the morning.
>At 09-02-10, you wrote:
>>Hello Raj,
>>that location is probably where the coordinates were last saved. or there
>>Or those are the default factory settings from memory,
>>and new coordinates were never saved.
>>redo the survey and save the results.
>>using T'boltMON V2.60 on a PC:
>>go to menu "set up",  then "self survey",   click on the "save position
>>then "set survey",
>>then "save segment",
>>then "close"
>>redo the survey and afterwards verify the local coordinates were saved.
>>Lady Heather (software) can also be utilzed for these functions.
>>Any problems, please advise.
>>Stan, W1LE
>>Raj wrote:
>>>        Can someone point me to info that would clarify why my Tbolt's
>self survey puts my house (AFAIK ~920M ASL, 13N 77.35E) in the Pacific
>ocean, south of Vancouver and west of Seattle and about 10 meters under
>water. I am doing something wrong for sure!
>>>        My sons iPhone gives me right co-ordinates but it's way off the

Bangalore, India. 

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