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Bob Camp lists at cq.nu
Wed Feb 10 15:16:51 UTC 2010


That's the problem. 

There's no debate that you can injection lock oscillators. The problem is that the analytic side of designing an injection lock system  is a bit lacking. 

With a PLL there's an over abundance of information on how to do the design, how to analyze it, and how to test it. You can optimize loop bandwidth, phase margin, noise performance, and component selection. A paper design pretty is going to be a pretty good start on a working circuit.  There are an over abundance of free tools to do a design with. 

Again, the point is not weather one works and the other does not. They both work. There's just a *whole* lot more stuff out there on PLL's.

PLL chips are dirt cheap ($1 ~ $2 for most). Even a PIC to set them up is sub $1. They do have limits and you need to understand those limits. If you can get the job done with one, it's a simple way to go. 


On Feb 10, 2010, at 7:50 AM, Joop wrote:

>> You can even build an injection locked divide by 5 stage.
>> Choosing the right oscillator topology and injection method allows high 
>> level injection to be used with an LC oscillator.
>> Bruce
> Are there references to some practical circuits? That would be great.
> A google search on "injection locking" and "synchronous oscillator"
> results in a lot of conceptual descriptions but nothing that one can build,
> try out and study. Maybe some of the scientific articles or books contain
> circuits, but I am not a IEEE member.
> Cheers,
> Joop
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