[time-nuts] TBolt self survey

Raj vu2zap at gmail.com
Thu Feb 11 02:45:29 UTC 2010

Ignatio and Charles,

Thanks. Makes sense to me now. I am interested only in the 10MHz frequency generated and I suppose that it may not be affected by slight mismatch.


>Use the GPS reading, at least it has to be consistent with itself...

At 11-02-10, you wrote:
>Raj wrote:
>>My GPS reading is about 850 +- 1
>>The "official" height ASL = 920
>>This calculator gives me ~936
>>So what should I use ?
>Use the self-survey result.  The GPS isn't wrong, it's just reporting your altitude in a different system than you are used to.  The calculator allows you to check the GPS-reported altitude in the system that you are familiar with.
>Specifically, the calculator translates the GPS altitude (which is specified not with respect to actual mean sea level, but rather to an abstract, calculated "geoid") to one more familiar to you (specified with respect to mean sea level).  In your case, 936 is in pretty good agreement with 920, telling you that the GPS-reported value is plausible.
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