[time-nuts] Loran C sounds

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Fri Feb 12 15:34:17 UTC 2010

Well from what I have seen on posts I don't agree on LORAN C dying for Nav.
In particular there is a website that pilots use were they have been
bitching about the shut down. Will believe boaters are out there also.

But I think the real answer is that commercial pilots and Navigation
abandoned it a while ago.
They matter.
So think about whats been going on and you may really appreciate what we

LORAN C for time-nuts was the only tax dollar we ever got back from the
So at $36M/year and 100 time-nuts thats $36,000 a year to each of us.
Finally a reason to have been very happy about taxes and LORAN C!!!! And
by-god tax free no less.
Or should I have declared that???

On Fri, Feb 12, 2010 at 9:44 AM, J. L. Trantham <jltran at att.net> wrote:

> I still have a LORAN-C based navigation receiver in my plane.  It is part
> of
> a Northstar M2 system which uses Loran-C and GPS in a dual sensor mode.
> Jeppesen stopped supporting the database for Northstar about a year ago and
> now Loran-C is gone (haven't been flying since the shutdown to see if I can
> pick up any Canadian Chains here on the Gulf Coast) so I am going to have
> to
> upgrade to a Garmin or similar GPS system.  Big $$$'s and a PITA but at
> least I got maximum return on the original investment and waited until
> maturation of the moving map technology.
> Joe
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> Hi
> I know it's a chicken and egg thing, but Loran-C died for navigation a
> while
> back. The hardware simply isn't out there anymore. GPS could have died two
> weeks ago and Loran-C would have not helped the navigation people. They
> don't have the receivers in place. A backup that nobody is set up to listen
> to is not a backup.
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