[time-nuts] any WWV audio recordings available? (synthetic WWV output fixed, I think)

Dean Weiten dmw at weiten.com
Sat Feb 13 16:04:45 UTC 2010

Hi Scott et al.,

I compared the sound output from TG to an AU file provided by NIST, and
sure enough, it did sound weird.

I had a closer look at the TG customization that I had done, and indeed,
the whole u-Law audio compression thing was all messed up in my code. 

The problem is that the original was written for a Sun workstation, and
it (apparently) used u-Law compression, or at least in the original TG
program, it was turned on.

In order to keep things the same and use the same tables, I thought I
had turned on u-Law compression, but apparently I did something
incorrectly. Therefore, I've now modified it to be linear, at least when
compiled for non-Sun systems.

So now the 100 Hz subcarrier should be 6 dB down, as I believe it is
supposed to be.

There are two sample files, 1 hour long each, in the ZIP archive at
http://www.weiten.com/time_nuts/synthetic_wwv-like_audio.zip .  Please
give them a try/listen and let me know if it sounds more realistic.


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