[time-nuts] Vibrations (FE5680)

Raj vu2zap at gmail.com
Sun Feb 14 11:45:40 UTC 2010

Thanks Björn,

The one that I first received was in horrible physical shape and I asked for a replacement and the gentlemen on Ebay obliged for the cost of postage.

I additionally added reverse polarity protection internally with a 3A diode from Pin 1 and the center pin of the 5 pin regulator (Ithink) next to it.

One addl. note:
The only thing that people must remember is to unbolt the "L" mount clamp which bolted through the central divider, to remove the top small board. Otherwise they will detatch the 3 pin temp. sensor.

At 13-02-10, you wrote:
>Hi Raj,
>> Thanks for the tips Magnus. I will open the unit and with gentle taps -
>> see what causes the problem.
>> Yes, I know that the frequency is programmable. The unit came from
>> "flyingbest" on Ebay and I see that three wires are connected from the 9
>> pin D to the inside where the Tx/Rx connector. The 10Mhz output seems to
>> have been added by the vendor, I see a crude hole drilled and burrs still
>> intact and a SMA fixed there. I wonder how the original unit had an output
>> if there was no connector!
>Most surplus (all?) I have seen come with only the Dsub9 connector. There
>is an factory option with RF out on an SMA. My two surplus units were both
>programmed to give 1PPS on the Dsub9 port. The Dsub output is 2^(-23)
>times the RF ouput from the programmable DDS, which give 8.388608MHz on
>the "RF" output.
>But do find the documentation for this! There are links in this lists
>The archive also tells you to be very careful with the Mu-metal cover,
>even bending it to much could reduce its magnetic shielding properties!
>good luck!
>   Björn
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