[time-nuts] TBolt OCXO replacement

Bob Camp lists at cq.nu
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A similar question though would be - once you have done all the
"corrections" to the setup of the TBolt (damping, time constant,
sensitivity) what's left to fix?

I would *guess*:

Lower aging
Better TC
Better short term

Aging will likely get better the longer you leave the existing oscillator on
power. You also may be able to pick between units to find the best of 4 or
something like that. 

TC can be improved a number of ways simply by "helping" the existing part. I
think we have gone over that in about 300,000 messages so far. 

Short term stability is about the only thing I can see that's still on the

That gets you to the question - just how good do you think the 1 second AVAR
is on the existing oscillator, independent of the TBolt environment? 

If for instance you have a 2.5x10^-12 OCXO in yours, you would only see a
significant improvement with a sub 1.0x10^-12 OCXO. That sort of bounds your
OCXO shopping list right there. 


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At 11:37 AM 2/16/2010 , WarrenS wrote:
>In the ever ending battle to improve my TBolt's performance, I am in the
process of upgrading a OCXO replacement I did to it a while back.
>It would be Interesting to hear suggestions from others that have done
similar sort of things and the results they have achieved.

Did you check out John Miles's writeup?


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