[time-nuts] ko4bb monitor

EB4APL eb4apl at cembreros.jazztel.es
Thu Feb 18 00:20:36 UTC 2010


I received the units I bought from Amazon.  I was planning to normally 
use them in the front panel of future projects in the same way you did 
with the fluke.1 unit, but now I wonder if you or somebody else figured 
out how to communicate with the original iCruze units. Maybe they are 
programmed to be just a 2 line ASCII serial display, because in that 
case they can be used for a variety of monitoring tasks without 
modification, just tailoring the data to be understandable by the module.
I powered one of my units and found it sends a 5 to 0 volts negative 
going pulse of about 2 ms every 1.6 s on the yellow wire, but I didn't 
tried to send anything to the green wire yet.

Ignacio, EB4APL

Arthur Dent wrote:
> Although the Icruze module fluke.l sells is in a nice
> package for mounting on the dash 
> of a car, I chose to build it into the same case as I did
> the Thunderbolt, power supply, 
> and distribution amplifier. The power and RS-232 signal for
> the display is tapped off the 
> p.c. board of the thunderbolt so the RS-232 connector on the
> back is still free to be used 
> with my computer to monitor the unit. The 10Mhz output from
> the T-bolt has a BNC 
> jumper to the input of the distribution amplifier that has
> 3 Q-bit amps & 1 unamplified 
> output that allows me to monitor the output of the T-bolt
> directly.  Here are two photos 
>  of the unit I threw together. I think it makes a nice inexpensive
> GPSDO package. 
> Inside
> http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2715/4307285530_4222e414ff_o.jpg
> Front
> http://farm3.static.flickr.com/2798/4307285448_1921a16b26_o.jpg
> In the photo of the front of the unit, to the right of the T-bolt, is a RFTG-u
> Ref 1 
> (HP Z3811 with a MTI 260 OCXO) that I modified to run correctly without the 
> interface cable and companion Ref 0 unit. That has a nice stable 5Mhz output 
> feeding
> a FE-7921A 5Mhz distribution amp. I’m using a Philips PM6680 counter 
> with an
> X72 Rb timebase and aPhilips PM3375 scope for quick frequency checks. 
> Works quite well to compare the 2 GPSDOs.

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