[time-nuts] Vibration effects on FE5680 - Loose screws

Raj vu2zap at gmail.com
Thu Feb 18 14:29:19 UTC 2010

        I had earlier reported that vibration had a phase shifting effect on Rb unit. Some of you gurus has suggested that something may be loose.

        I checked all the mounts and found that the lamp side mount 4 screws were loose. I tightened them with a small screw driver taking care not to over do it. 

        The vibration problem did not go away, but the Rb unit is now surprisingly stable w.r.t. GPSDO. I will check another unit tomorrow and report. I think that high temperatures will cause physical material changes that may do this.

        Have any of you checked the 4 screws on the lamp and found similar loose screws?


Bangalore, India. 

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