[time-nuts] hp 5065a life ?

Bob Camp lists at cq.nu
Fri Feb 19 02:56:13 UTC 2010


Common wisdom (possibly wrong in the > 20 year range) is that the filter and resonance cells do not significantly degrade with time.

More or less - neon bulbs that are excited electrically burn out. Bulbs that just sit out in the bright sunshine last for a long time.


On Feb 18, 2010, at 9:50 PM, John Miles wrote:

>> Dott. Alfredo Rosati wrote:
>>> Is there  a way to assess what remains life  of hp 5065a
>> Rubidium lamp ?
>>> I bought a 5065a  is arrived in excellent condition almost like new.
>>> The only incorrect parameter was the value  2arm, over 50, after a
>>> tuning of R1 now is around 40.
>>> everything works very well, but I'd like to know  how much life have
>>> more ? is possible or only the time replay me.
>> Probably as much life as you have left Dottore, they don't wear out or
>> get used up like Caesium.  Components in them may die like with any
>> electronics, but the lamps should last as long as you :^)  They are a
>> lot more reliable and accurate than the small newer Rb standards for
>> sure.  I am sure mine will outlive me.
> The lamps can be replaced if need be, although there's a lot of stuff to
> take apart before you can get to it.  I'm told that you can even install
> Efratom lamps in a 5065A with some Dow RTV.  Those are supposedly about $40
> new, or could be cannibalized from an LPRO.
> What I don't know is if the buffer gas ever gets embedded into the walls of
> the filter or resonance cells, or diffuses out, or otherwise causes
> problems.  If that were to happen it would limit the working life of the
> unit in a way that wouldn't be easy to get around.
> -- john, KE5FX
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