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Sat Feb 20 12:50:32 UTC 2010


I suspect that we could fill up pages with eBay stories. Their business model is indeed "interesting" and they do indeed try to shape what's going on. 

For a lot of stuff, it's the only game in town.


On Feb 20, 2010, at 6:55 AM, Bob Paddock wrote:

> On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 7:26 AM, Bob Camp <lists at cq.nu> wrote:
>> It is amazing just how much "stuff" that's normally up for sale is missing at the moment.
> It is EBay's goal to drive out any small sellers, they only want the
> big power sellers now.
> Look at the EBay forums and you see that the small sellers would like
> to leave en'mass but they have no place to go where there are buyers.
> My wife, a small seller that sells my leftover Eval Boards, said she
> was not going to sell anything until this fall to see how these
> latests changes
> shake out.  As a seller now if you get just one negative hit you get
> your account suspended.  Doesn't mater if they buyer is lieing or not,
> which is becoming common.
> EBay has become a very hostile and crime ridden place, it is not the
> mecca that it once was.
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