[time-nuts] OCXO info?

Larry Snyder larrys at teamlarry.com
Mon Feb 22 19:56:35 UTC 2010

"Bob Camp" <lists at cq.nu> wrote:
> Hi
> Assuming it's an R1051 "standard" you then have to know who made it. Some of
> the later parts made by the replacement parts empire were of questionable
> performance / reliability. The side with the markings likely would tell us a
> lot.

That was the side with the markings, such as it is.  CAGE # comes back
to 'Target Corporation', so aftermarket spares?  And yes, it is certainly
from/for an R1051.

> Simple answer - when it's not Chinese New Year, the auction sites are full
> of < $20 OCXO's (including shipping) that will do a *lot* better. If you are
> patient, you likely can get below $10. How they can do that with shipping is
> a total mystery.

I'm looking to cheaply upgrade an early non-oven Miller GPSDO.  Looking
at the schematic, there's no native way to pull this guy.  I can wait
for the CNY festivities to wind down. :)

Thanks Bob & Arthur!

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