[time-nuts] Mitsubishi GPS antenna data

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Tue Feb 23 11:03:21 UTC 2010

In a message dated 21/02/2010 23:52:15 GMT Standard Time,  
hudsonray at yahoo.com.au writes:

Nigel,  that part number looks very much like a MEW / Panasonic VIC100 
antenna.  CCAH32ST02  with a H instead of a 5 . does it look anything like the  
VIC100 see link  below.

Hi Ray
Many thanks for the information, that very close match on part numbers  
would certainly imply some similarity but externally at least the units are  
What I have is a puck antenna that looks identical to the HP  58504A and 
was supplied to me already mounted inside an HP 58510A external  housing.
I'm now told the assembly was supplied complete by HP, although I have no  
way of verifying that, so it's possible the Mitsubishi is a rebadged HP.
However, all photos I've seen of the HP antenna are labelled as  such and I 
wouldn't normally have expected HP to supply their own parts  with someone 
else's label, which is why I was hoping to find some information  specific 
to the Mitsubishi.
Some good photos of a "proper" 58504A can be seen here by using the "View  
more images" link.....

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