[time-nuts] Tbolt OCXO

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Thu Feb 25 13:40:59 UTC 2010

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peterawson at earthlink.net writes:

I'm  trying to identify the OCXO in my Tbolt; hoping that it's one
of the newer  parts, as in the TAPR units.

Is there a P/N, or other obvious means of  identifying the newer,
low noise OCXOs?

Hi Pete
If you look at John Miles' web page where he first raised this  issue.....
you will see that the oscillator he reported as being "lower grade"  was 
made by "Piezo".
He also comments that this was an earlier unit and that higher quality  
OCXOs were already present in Thunderbolts with a 2002 manufacturing  date.
Any Thunderbolts I've seen have been dated 2002 or later and all, including 
 two TAPR units, have contained an oscillator that is labelled as a Trimble 
Other markings on the oscillator case, other than frequency, are  subject 
to variation so are presumably just batch and date codes.
Based on this I think it's likely that any post 2002 Thunderbolt  with the 
Trimble oscillator, not just those from TAPR, will be the  higher spec unit.

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