[time-nuts] Low noise voltage regulators

Garry Thorp GThorp at pascall.co.uk
Thu Feb 25 13:54:08 UTC 2010

With the 723, you can make the reference noise as low as you want, by
heavy RC filtering. This applies whether you use its own reference or a
better external reference.
The 723 also seems to work quite happily with a feedback capacitor from
the output to the inverting input, reducing the AC gain to unity. The
output noise will then just be the buffer amplifier's input noise
voltage, ~5-6nV/rtHz. This is about 20dB better than most modern
'low-noise' LDOs will do. (I can't remember what the amplifier's noise
was like at very low frequencies  -  it was many years ago at a
different company, and I don't have the results any more.)
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