[time-nuts] Phase Noise of 74AC gates

gonzo . cadbloke at hotmail.com
Fri Feb 26 14:38:49 UTC 2010

I've been following the discussion of the noise introduced by 74AC gates with some interest.
In an attempt to achieve a clean transition, I've been using gates from http://potatosemi.com/
Lacking the test equip. to verify the results, I've been taking the claimed specs at face value.
I must admit that by TN thread standards, my needs are quite modest, but I don't see why I should compromise based on need!
Has anyone had a look at the output of these to see if they are an improvement over 74AC

Potato also do a range of Clock Buffer/Fanout drivers (GHz+), but don't seem make any claims about isolation or crosstalk.

Has anyone put these on the bench and measured real performance?

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