[time-nuts] thunderbolt fault

Stan, W1LE stanw1le at verizon.net
Fri Feb 26 17:55:49 UTC 2010

Hello Francesco,

After connecting to a known good power supply, active antenna, and computer,
give it a chance to warm up and stabilize.

After warm up, I get:
+5VDC @ 0.250 A
+12VDC @ 0.12 A
-9VDC @ very low current, just barely moving the meter...

consider a hard  (factory) reset. 
set the menu to save the position and resurvey.

If you can not get satisfaction, need to replace.

With vendor approval, open it up, inspect, and clean out any debris.
snug up all hardware, reassemble and retest..

Some vendors would prefer to get the defective unit back unopened.

Stan, W1LE      Cape Cod 

francesco messineo wrote:

> Hi all,
> A friend just received a thunderbolt from an ebay seller today and
> asked me to check it and wire a quick power supply for him.
> I used a switching power supply, pc-like, just for testing and tried
> both lady heather and tboltmon. I wired the power lines as the TVB web
> page, but connected only one GND line as the connector supplied didn't
> have enough wires. The unit completes the self-survey and has all
> outputs (10 MHz and PPS), however, the temperature starts at -0 C at
> power on and in a few seconds settles to -1.249 C and never moves
> again. Also eeprom contents is invalid at each power on and no setting
> appears to survive after power off (not even the saved position).
> Does anyone know if there's a simple explanation for this or a
> possible common fault for eeprom and temperature or both eeprom and
> termometer chip are probably bad?
> I suggested the friend to ask for a refund anyway as my own
> thunderbolt works fine with default settings.
> Regards
> Francesco IZ8DWF
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