[time-nuts] 5061a with cold tube

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One way to determine the Ion Pump current is to measure the voltage on pin 3
of the +3500 VDC supply.  This measures the voltage across the 10K resistor
that is in the return line of the +3500 VDC supply and is directly related
to the current flowing in the resistor.

I am in the process of 'pumping' a tube now and have been at it for about 6
weeks.  Mine started at about  -1.19 VDC (if I recall correctly, I am at
work and do no have my notes) and wound up at about -0.62 VDC as the HV went
from about +2050 VDC to about +2550 VDC at which point I got tired and
attached a +4000 VDC supply to the tube via the red HV wire.   It seems to
slowly be moving in the right direction.


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I foud missing  , power  at beam tube ionizer .
was a diode open  , now ion pump current is high .
last calibration was made 20 tears ago , maybe this one was not
operating for long time , due to a fault .
Now I will try to apply 3500 volt as the manual .
And I hope current go low .

I someone had made this procedure may explain me how to do .
regards i5uxj

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