[time-nuts] 5061a now look at wrong freq A1 fault

EWKehren at aol.com EWKehren at aol.com
Sat Feb 27 11:21:19 UTC 2010

let me start out with a disclaimer, I have sold several HP 5061A through a  
friend on ebay including the two recent HP 5062C's, the reason I do not do 
it  direct is, he does it full time and he has the ability to get them 
packed  professional. We have had no complaints all where tested and with the 
exception  of the 5062C sold as fully funtional and till now there have been no 
complaints.  Two more will be sold and are the best, kept till last.
I would stay away from any C standard that has not been tested and even  
tested, it is a gamble because the question is how much life is left in the  
tube. I am sure there a members out there that have units with bad tubes.
I am downsizing because I want to move to a smaller house and am now down  
to a modified 5062C with a FTS tube and a 5061B with a FTS tube. 
I have extra FTS tubes and did test them all and I know which are the best  
but I cannot tell what the expected life under normal continuos operation 
will  be. I have tested beam current and will set up a standard test using 
21.41 KHz  and 2500 Volt electron multiplier.
Maybe there is someone out there that has a correlation between beam  
current and expected life I know the end point and I know what you can see with  
a new tube but is there a curve that tells you what you can expect life  
Right now I am only prepared to sell the two remaining working HP 5061A,  
maybe later the 5061B and after more testing some tubes. Any  one interested 
please contact me directly.
Bert Kehren,    Miami

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