[time-nuts] hp 5061a probabily A9 fault

Dott. Alfredo Rosati alfredorosati at alice.it
Sat Feb 27 17:19:58 UTC 2010

now all seeme to work properly except probalily A9 .

with loop open , at J6 of A7 board I will have minimum 137Hz signal  
when the frequency is exatly , but the signal grow if I move osc 
frequency , this should be indicate all work good . the problem is when 
I close the loop , the frequency shift a little and the 137Uz signal grow .
maybe a problem in A9 board .
I tried to made adjustement of amplifier zero , but there are somthing 
wrong , I do not have zero but 80mv . phase detector zero  adjustement 
is ok i read zero.
any seggestion will be appreciated.


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