[time-nuts] Digital Clock kit - no Integrated circuits!

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Sun Jan 10 00:10:20 UTC 2010

Well, I was talking about the original trochotron that required
an external magnetic ring to form the switched beam. This tube
did not function as an indicator, as the Dekatron does. Used a
pair of Dekatrons to make an electronic Roulette wheel in the
late '50s. Almost like watching the ball roll around.

See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trochotron#History

Bill Hawkins

P.S. If you'd like to use twin triodes, I have a number of IBM 704
plug-in units with 8 sockets and 4 rows for parts. These can be
saved from the dumpster by expressing an interest to bill at iaxs.net.
The trochotron counter is also available, but shipping for 50 pounds
may be expensive.

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From: J. Forster
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They were also called Dekatron, See the tubecollector site. I doubt they
are still available any more. OTOH, there are plenty of things like 12AX7s
out there, as long as you don't need the "golden ear" brands.



> Only need one tube for a ring counter - the trochotron (q.v.).
> Just happen to have a military counter based on them, nixie display,
> Bill Hawkins
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> How about using ring counters? No decoder/drivers needed. A tube ring
> counter, driving a Nixie directly.
> -John

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