[time-nuts] Eclipse alert - Call for VCO traces

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Fri Jan 15 01:05:15 UTC 2010

iovane at inwind.it wrote:
> Hi Magnus,
> temperature data will be welcome, of course. I didn't ask for them in order to keep my request simple, with the hope to get more answers. 
> Anyway I would be pleased to see as many traces as possible, even in the lack of temperature data, and without the claim to draw any conclusion, but to see if there are strong clues.
> A test aimed at getting a conclusion, of course, should be designed and planned much more seriously.
> I hope to have contributions.

A good test would be to have two similar units logged, say T-bolts, 
where on is exposed to the outside solar eclipse while the other is 
nearby but in a more isolated and temperature stabilized environment.

That way a clear dependence on temperature effect could be verified (as 
being expected) while the isolated reference should only see minor or 
small change.

My current weather situation does not allow me to set it up. Besides, I 
currently only have one T-bolt. However, several days of -8 to -10 and 
90% humidity have given the trees and bushes a lovely thick crisp white 
frost-bite. Need to plan for a more snow-tolerant antenna arangement...


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