[time-nuts] Solar Eclipse EFC data

Bill Hawkins bill at iaxs.net
Sat Jan 16 03:10:24 UTC 2010

Here in Minnesota, at 93 W, 44 N, there was no correlation in the
magnitude or direction of EFC in a pair of Z3801As with antennas
four feet apart. I'm surrounded by trees, and have the elevation
mask set at 39 degrees.

Both units have about 15000 hours of running time.

The following numbers come from GPScon for 07 to 23 UTC on the 15th.

Unit 1 EFC ad=1.43, sd=5.39, TI av =-0.48n, sd = 16.1n

Unit 2 EFC ad=1.29, sd=12.7, TI av =-0.23n, sd = 15.6n

I expect that any eclipse effect was lost in the noise, but I don't
know if my units are abnormally noisy or not.

Bill Hawkins

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