[time-nuts] 4 KV Power Supply Recommendations

Chuck Harris cfharris at erols.com
Mon Jan 18 14:27:37 UTC 2010

As I understand it, the supplies are 100KHz, and have no significant filtering
at HV.  They modulate the magnetron with the 100KHz PWM mess.  As long as the
signal doesn't leave the rather wide ISM band, they are under no obligation
to filter anything.... routers, etc. are squatters on the IMS band, after all.

I am sure that some brands are better than others, but then some brands are
only $50.

I don't have any of the new ovens as yet... My old beaters from the early '90s
are still running strong.  I have no neighbors, so their choices are not an issue.

-Chuck Harris

Didier Juges wrote:
> I specifically tested for that at the time (even though I did not pull the
> spectrum analyzer to verify) and I was able to run the laptop (a Dell D400
> running in B/G mode) about 3 feet right in front of the oven without obvious
> network access problem.
> The router was in the next floor up, but pretty much right above the laptop,
> so the signal was strong either way.
> Knowing how much the frequency drifts on these magnetrons, I may just have
> been lucky, but actually that proves the point. If the spectrum was very
> wide, the stability would not matter so much.
> I tend to consider Panasonic to be one of the more responsible consumer
> product company. Their products are consistently rated among the most
> reliable in the commercial world, not that it means a whole lot with regards
> to EMI.

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