[time-nuts] More from the obsolete gps file: oncore nmea

normn3ykf at stny.rr.com normn3ykf at stny.rr.com
Tue Jun 1 02:58:39 UTC 2010

Thanks!! I found that after a while fishing around in the manual. Synergy used to be able to flash the M12+t to an a positioning receiver which does support nmea.

Bad news is that all of the oncores that I have are of a firmware that doesn't support nmea, either. 

Perusing the manual for the oncores, there is a programming pin. Not sure how it's used or if it can be done outside of a factory. Would be slick to be able to update the firmware!

Have fun,
---- SAIDJACK at aol.com wrote: 
> Hi Norm,
> not sure if someone discussed this before, but he M12+ and M12M timing  
> receivers do not support NMEA output, just Motorola binary format.
> Motorola disabled this feature on the timing versions of the receivers,  
> presumably for marketing reasons, or maybe to make firmware regression testing 
>  easier.
> bye,
> Said
> In a message dated 5/31/2010 11:27:01 Pacific Daylight Time, lous at xs4all.nl 
>  writes:
> Hi  all!!
> Trying to get a gt+ setup(also tried one of my m12+t's) as a  nmea
> receiver. @@Ci does not work. Did form the string correctly. 
> Tried  it with tac32, used Labview to send the hex string.
> Receiver ignores it and  continues to send moto bin at 9600..
> Any ideas??
> Want to use this for a  balloon flight with aprs. Good news is that we want
> to launch Friday, so  it's not too pressing.
> Norm  n3ykf
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