[time-nuts] Training period for a Rb clock using GPS

Abhay Parekh parekh at berkeley.edu
Wed Jun 2 02:36:40 UTC 2010

I am a newbie at this, but have been playing around with 2 prs10s.
For our application we need to run the clocks without gps, but we do get to
sync it to gps *initially* for as long as we want.
However, what we've noticed is that when we train it for short periods of
(< 1 hour a day) the clock drifts for a few microseconds a day once we've
gps, but when we train it for say 12 hours, its drift seems to be much less
(sub sub microsecond/day).
We were wondering why this should be so! I apologize if this is obvious to
most of you but
I would greatly appreciate your help in shedding some light for us.

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