[time-nuts] Motorola GPS Z3801A

Rex rexa at sonic.net
Wed Jun 2 05:02:00 UTC 2010

The only unit I know about that uses the Furuno receiver is the Z3805. 
The earlier standards used the Motorola Oncores. My Z3816 has a UT+ 
version. Another post tonight says the Z3801 uses the VT version, which 
sounds right. These Z38xx's have some similarities but also significant 
differences between each other.

The time order in which these references were produced (older to newer) 
is: 3801, 3816, 3805. That aligns with the different GPS receivers that 
were used inside.

Robert Benward wrote:
> Hi Rex,
> One more question:  I understand some of the Z3801A were equipped with 
> the Furuno 16ch GPS. Do you know the model of this GPS, or was it only 
> for the Z3805A or the Z3816A?
> Thanks,
> Bob
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>> Robert Benward wrote:
>>> Hi,
>>> Does anyone have the pinouts for the Motorola GPS within the 
>>> Z3801A?  It's a ten pin header and I would like to intercept the 
>>> data stream to see if it's working.  Also, I read about some of the 
>>> Motorolas putting out binary data, not NEMA protocol.
>>> Thanks,
>>> Bob
>> The Oncore interface diagram on Didier's page should be enough to see 
>> which pins are which:
>> http://www.ko4bb.com/cgi-bin/manuals.pl?dir=05%29_GPS_Timing
>> For the details, here's a link to a nice clean Oncore manual:
>> http://gpsd.berlios.de/vendor-docs/motorola/
>> Chapter 6 of that manual is a description of the Oncore commands that 
>> are used by these receivers. Yes, it is a mixture of ASCII commands 
>> with binary data.
>> I forget which receiver(s) the Z3801A used. My Z3816a has a UT+ but 
>> it is a little more recent than the 3801's. Someone here, no doubt, 
>> remembers.
>> A few years back there were a bunch of posts to this list with 
>> reference documents for the various Oncores that HP or Symmetricom 
>> used in the timing receivers. Lots of detail of firmware versions and 
>> differences between the Oncore receivers. I don't have a link now. 
>> Maybe others do.

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