[time-nuts] Fiberoptic 10MHz link

michael cook mike.cook at orange.fr
Thu Jun 3 06:17:50 UTC 2010

Aren't you going about this in the wrong way? You only need isolation between the gps antenna and the gpsdo, and not put the gpsdo in the roof. Or am I missing something? Optical GPS antenna links cable exist, but are expensive. Otherwise lightning surge protectors should be good enough. Some on epay a <$30.

Le 3 juin 2010 à 02:13, <lstoskopf at cox.net> <lstoskopf at cox.net> a écrit :

> I have access to my roof and above through a trap door I had installed when we built the house.  Also have AC in the attic.  I've been reluctant to put a GPS up there with a direct link to the shack and computers, etc.  Has anyone done a simple circuit for conversion from a 10 MHz signal into, say, TOSLINK or such and then back for a galvanic break?  I realize that I'll be adding some delay and jitter, but for frequency locking shouldn't be a problem.
> Looks like it isn't too big a problem to throw something together, but if it has be done......
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