[time-nuts] HP 10544A Allan variance plot

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Jun 5 01:47:48 UTC 2010

Fellow time-nuts,

As I am fooling around in the lab, testing out John's TI.EXE on the 
SR-620 (for starters) I wanted to see what plots others have achieved.

The current setup is... well, I wanted to do something quick rather than 
propper, just to see it going. A TADD-2 in there to divide the 10 MHz 
ref downto PPS and then into A channel, HP 10544A into B channel.

So, it would be nice if someone had an Allan variance plot to offer on 
the HP 10544A. I was supprised nobody (such as TvB) had one online that 
I could find.


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