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Stanley Reynolds stanley_reynolds at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 5 16:54:42 UTC 2010

Important to add the shipping I saw the $199 but it had $100 for shipping, total $299

One unit I saw had a connector to plug the unit into a card rack, without the card rack it was not clear how much modification would be needed to run it stand alone.


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I have a couple of TBOLTs as well as a Z3801. If it were me, I would spend
the extra and get a Z3801 or something similar. There is a Z3805 on eBay
right now for $199. I didn't notice if it was an auction or buy it now.
Z3801s seem to vary widely in price. I have seen them for under $200 but
right now, they seem to be in the $400 to $500 range.
If I didn't have a Z3801 and got a TBOLT, I would probably think it was
great. But after comparing them I'd go with the Z3801. I am not putting down
the TBOLT. In use one for a frequency reference for a ham repeater and love
it in that application.
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