[time-nuts] DCF77 clock with UTC display

Giuseppe Marullo giuseppe at marullo.it
Sat Jun 5 23:55:40 UTC 2010

 >DCF77 is transmitted  in  CET/CEST and so receivers generally just 
display the received data with some allowing other TZ offsets as it can 
be received in the UK for example. I also lucked out when looking for 
one where >daylight savings adjustments could be removed .

exactly what I am experiencing. I am starting to believe that I will 
have to ask to ham radio manifacturers (like MFJ but they are US based) 
until they will develop a specific product, or I will have to build it 
myself, like a DCF77 receiver with some ehm, custom handling of the 
summer time...

I can't believe there is no such need for aviation or other fields.

Giuseppe Marullo

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