[time-nuts] DCF77 clock with UTC display 5

jimlux jimlux at earthlink.net
Sun Jun 6 15:18:56 UTC 2010

Giuseppe Marullo wrote:
>  >If it is, why not purchase an *analog* DCF77 synchronized clock, set 
> it to local radio time and then just move the hands on the spindle to 
> reflect UTC? That's what I did with my WWV clocks that only handle the 
> US time zones. >Worked just fine.
> Well, I could just buy a 3 USD LCD digital clock, set it to UTC and 
> periodically realign for time drift, no worry about winter/summer time 
> switch. How do you "handle" summer/winter time?
> Either case, we could be hung, drawn and qartered for these tricks, 
> wrong maling list.

Not necessarily.. time-nuttery could take many forms.

  What if you bought multiple clocks, and used them as an ensemble and 
collected statistics by hand (preferably on damp clay tablets, for 
better long term preservation)  Since the 3 dollar clocks probably don't 
turn-over to the new digit simultaneously, you'd have to decide how to 
take your data.

(sort of a Beowulf cluster of commodity clocks?)

> I would probably have used a stamp2 with a DCF77 module, but I don't 
> know how reliable could be the stamp2 as clock when the dcf77 signal is 
> not present.
> Probably I will need to resort to some special IC from Maxim/Dallas that 
> would keep track of time, and the stamp2 should be used  to adjust the 
> time.
> Nice as a project, but I would rather prefer a ready made unit, after 
> all I would just log correctly my QSOs.

For logging QSOs?  A sundial might work well enough..
(probably wouldn't work for EME sync though)

> Giuseppe Marullo
> I will have to ask in the ham radio world...
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