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Mon Jun 7 17:37:24 UTC 2010

I've heard a lot of criticisms for not having better Documentation for the 
Attached is what I have. I don't do Doc, I build BBs.

The TPLL is No secret, this block has been posted many places before.
On it is a references to where the 50+ year old drawing came from.
If one wants more info than this go there. If that is not enough, complain 
to them.
If you want to make your own improvements to it, go for it.
If you want better documentation, stop complaining, Just do it.

I'll say the same thing again as I've said in the past,
If this is not enough info to build one or see how it works,
Then you should not be building one from scratch or saying why it does not 
After all, there is only one active powered part in the basic circuit and a 
few Rs &  Cs (as few as 3 each)

The first one I ever built was on my work bench using nothing but radio 
shack clip leads.
It is not rocket science, or something mysterious like ALLAN magic.
Right, no BB, NO PCB, just a few  junk box parts laying around connect with 
clip leads.
It did pick up a some extra line noise, but it worked OK. (the ADC was a 
Radio shack DMM)
It is actually pretty hard to screw up if you've  done this type of stuff 

and I hope I do not need not add,
don't expect the clip lead version to give as good of low noise high 
resolution results as you can get from a clean BB layout
And yes it will need a power supply of some type to power the AMP (not 
If you did not know that, don't try building it without getting help.

have fun
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