[time-nuts] Thunderbolt not seeing satellites

Steve steve65 at suddenlink.net
Thu Jun 10 19:09:11 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I have used a Trimble Thunderbolt for several years as a source for 
accurate 10MHz signals for counters and signal generators. I have 
occasionally looked at the Thunderbolt with a laptop and Lady Heather, 
but have largely treated the Thunderbolt as a 
plug-and-play-and-forget-about-it device.

Several weeks ago I acquired one of the fluke.l monitors and attached it 
to the Thunderbolt, placing the fluke.l in a location such that I see it 
every time I walk into my shop. To my dismay, after watching the fluke.l 
for a while, I discovered that my Thunderbolt rarely sees satellites. I 
then began more intense monitoring with Lady Heather, finding that the 
Thunderbolt will on rare occasions show one satellite as usable, most of 
the time none.

Another Thunderbolt, purchased in May, 2008, when they were sold on this 
list, routinely see 4-8 satellites when connected to the same antenna.

Input voltage to the poor performing unit is about 28VDC. I did the 
tboltmon.exe Factory Reset with no discernible difference in 
performance. It is the Thunderbolt model in the aluminum housing with 
the red and black Trimble Thunderbolt label on top.

Any thoughts as to what's wrong with it?


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