[time-nuts] Thunderbolt not seeing satellites

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Thu Jun 10 22:43:46 UTC 2010

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I'm not sure of the required power spec,   but 28V may be too low.  These 
were meant to run off a telco power bus  (nominal 48V).  
I run mine at 40V (from a Tek PS503A mounted in a TM501  mainframe,  unit 
connected across the + and - supply terminals,   outputs set to +/- 20V).  It 
won't run at  28V.

One needs to be careful as there may be  different versions, checking is 
certainly to be recommended but this  comment comes from versions 3, 4, and 5, 
of the Thunderbolt  manual.....

The ThunderBolt comes with a 24V power supply regulator. A  locally 
supplied +24VDC
is required. Power consumption is 15 watts cold and  10 watts steady state. 
The connector
is an AMP mate-n-loc (AMP part number  643228-1). The AMP mate-n-loc mating
connectors are listed in the table  below. An AMP hand tool (PN 90300-2) 
may be required......

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