[time-nuts] UTC and leap seconds

iovane at inwind.it iovane at inwind.it
Fri Jun 11 16:34:17 UTC 2010

> hmurray at megapathdsl.net wrote:



thanks for your comments and for pointing me to the Wikipedia articles.

>I'm not really a physics wizard.  There might be some gravity terms or 
>experiments I've missed.  But the universe isn't expanding very fast (at 
>least not in the local region)

Yes, the local region would appear to be collapsing (blue shift).

(By the way, and this is OT,  my view of the universe is that it is made of a 
plurality of local regions, all of them being collapsing into themselves, and 
at the same time are moving away from one another (expansion)).

>so any effect will probably be very hard to 

I will keep a background noise in my mind on the subject.

Antonio I8IOV

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