[time-nuts] UTC and leap seconds

iovane at inwind.it iovane at inwind.it
Fri Jun 11 17:14:28 UTC 2010

>brooke at pacific.net wrote:

>Hi Antonio:
>It turns out that the atmosphere has instabilities that make the 
>position of a star appear to vary a few arc seconds and that effect is 
>called "seeing".
>Because of the seeing you can not use an optical telescope to make a 
>measurement of the Earth's rotation to the accuracy needed to see the 
>slowing down.
>See:  http://www.prc68.com/I/StellarTime.shtml

On a conceptual basis, the method would work, and this gives me enough peace 
at the moment.
Thanks for the other links, it would take a bit of time to go through.

Antonio I8IOV


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