[time-nuts] UTC and leap seconds

Magnus Danielson magnus at rubidium.dyndns.org
Sat Jun 12 12:54:32 UTC 2010

On 06/12/2010 02:33 AM, Hal Murray wrote:
> jimlux at earthlink.net said:
>> The Chilean earthquake changed the angular rotation rate (or, probably  more
>> accurately, changed the direction of the axis of rotation as well)
>> of the earth a small amount, as do most large earthquakes.
> Has anybody measured that?
> Is there a good URL on this?  (predictions if not data)  All I've found so
> far is a small NASA press release predicting 1.26 microseconds per day:
>    http://www.nasa.gov/topics/earth/features/earth-20100301.html
> (and a zillion news sources repeating it)
> 1 microsecond/day is 1 part in 1E11.
> ---------
>  From a friend in radio astronomy (VLBI):
> They had a lot of the right instruments in the right place.


>    Graph of position (3 meters!):
>      http://ivsopar.obspm.fr/earth/tigo

3 meters in one direction and 60 in another.

>    Description of the  TIGO package:
>      http://cddis.gsfc.nasa.gov/lw12/docs/Riepl_Tigo.pdf

Nice system. How do I get one on the back yard?

6 m VLBI antenna, 50 cm SLR scope, two H-masers, 2 Caesium beams, 4 Z-12 
with choke ring antennas, UPSs, diesels, staff meeting room, 2 
workshops. Accelerometers, metrological station...

>    Letter from the director:
>      http://www.expres-eu.org/Chile_06032010.html

No progress report from that site what I could see.


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