[time-nuts] Advantages & Disadvantages of the TPLL Method

WarrenS warrensjmail-one at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 12 15:51:46 UTC 2010

subject: Advantages & Disadvantages of the TPLL Method.

Here is a new and unique Idea that may be useful for many.
Rather than focusing on what some members may or may not already know, 
or  how good or bad one specific working BB configuration is.
How about focusing on what the TPLL method can and can not do well.
If someone will make a place to post and compile a  couple of list, 
I can start it off with what I've learned so far:

#1) The TPLL method is limited by it's reference OSC. 
The ref osc (or the DUT)  needs to have an Analog &/or Digital EFC control input with a bandwidth that is wider than the desired Tau0 

#2)  It basically measures Freq and not Phase differences, and few understand how and why it works so well or it's many advantages.

#3) TBD

ADVANTAGES of the TPLL method:
1 thru 30) same as I've posted several times before.
I'm sure others will find many more if they try it or at least understand it better.

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