[time-nuts] Advantages & Disadvantages of the TPLL Method

WarrenS warrensjmail-one at yahoo.com
Sun Jun 13 19:55:26 UTC 2010

I went quickly thru Tom's reference list and was unable to fine anything 
that had much if anything to do directly with the NIST, the NBS, or the 
slightly modified ws TPLL method.
All of those papers seem to be about how to measure Phase noise, NOT 
frequency stability, and from what I was able to find, the measurements they 
were making were not taken from the EFC line put from the mixer/PhaseDector 
output. Big Difference, makes that more like a LPLL type method.

As far as the list of disadvantages that I could find, the one under what 
Tom said was a good TPLL example, said:
" The phase lock loop must be very precisely controlled, since it effects 
measurement results" is clearly not what NBS or I'm doing.
Neither does the schematic in another paper have anything to do with the 
simple TPLL method.

Lots of good and useful stuff there, Just nothing (I could find) on the TPLL 
method that "we" have been discussing here.
If anyone could point out something that I missed, it would make my search 
for any relevant things easier.

> I took the liberty of converting your post into an entry in my 
> Time-NutsWiki:
 <http://www.ko4bb.com/dokuwiki/doku.php?id=precision_timing:phase_frequency_measurement_methods>>Please note anyone can edit this Wiki or create new pages.Didier

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