[time-nuts] Odd FTS 4060 Behavior

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Some places use up PC boards a lot faster than others. Board oxidation can
be a problem if you have a board in stock for a couple of years before it's
used. In some cases having a tomato soup plant or sulfur hot spring, up wind
can compound the issue.


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IMHO gold does not tarnish but below/above the amalgam of gold with solder
the solder probably will. The best solder connect will be where the
different metal layers amalgam deeply. A thicker gold plating should work

AGlenn Little WB4UIV wrote:

>>I do not know why the manufacturers insist on gold plating leads that are
designed to be soldered.
>>Silver plating seems like a better solution.
>>In this case, it appears that pins were soldered that were not designed to
be soldered.
>gold does not tarnish, silver does

Bangalore, India. 

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