[time-nuts] Advantages & Disadvantages of the TPLL Method

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Short  summery for the Berry readers:
The simple TPLL BB works fine and is better  than any OXCO that it has been 
used with.
The fact that some so called  experts do not believe or understand why, 
not change that proven  fact.
and the longer story for those that have nothing better to  do all day long.
For others that have been around for a while and have  endured reading the 
silly exchanges here,
I do apologize for yet  another round of the same NS.
But it would seem that some have missed a few  important points about this 

I do not apologize for the  fact that I can not &/or will not explain every 
detail of the simple  TPLL BB that I've built in a way that satisfies  all.

Snake Oil anyone?

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