[time-nuts] Advantages & Disadvantages of the TPLL Method

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I nice  short response, 
it shows missed the MAJOR difference. You need to  see:
<  http://www.thegleam.com/ke5fx/tpll.htm  >  

Your stock answer of claiming that everyone and his granny is missing  the 
point is wearing a bit thin, and despite your suggestion I have not missed  
anything either and that includes John's results.
Those results, as far as they go, look very good, and I have no doubt  you 
deserve credit for what you've achieved, but what YOU seem to have  missed, 
or conveniently continue to ignore, is the need to be able to  prove, or 
provide sufficient information so that someone else can  prove, that your 
results are applicable to a more general case, and at  least to the accuracy that 
you claim.
There will always be empirical design methods, so called "rules of  thumb" 
for example, and these can be very valuable tools but the results from  such 
methods, indeed the results from any design method, still need to be  
evaluated and confirmed in practice.
In a similar fashion your measurement technique, again as with all others,  
needs validation and proper analysis of its limitations before you can 
truly  come to rely upon it as a stand alone tool.
It may well be "good enough" for everything you need but despite  John's 
measurements, and however good his results, what you haven't  demonstrated so 
far is the ability to evaluate those limitations so you can be  sure of that.
The only way at the moment that you can be really sure of  your 
measurements each and every time is to have someone like John check  your results each 
and every time.
It doesn't matter how many times your results are checked and confirmed,  
and it doesn't matter that your technique might be perfect and your results  
might be perfect every time, what you've demonstrated very clearly so far is 
 that you just don't know whether or not that's true.
I've wondered sometimes if you're just frightened that somebody  might 
prove you wrong but I don't recall anyone suggesting you're actually  "wrong", 
all I've seen is folks trying to help you and offer well meant and  useful 
advice that could assist you properly evaluate the limitations of  what you're 
However, there must be a definite blockage somewhere because you seem  to 
have gone into auto repeat mode, and for someone who claims not to have time  
to produce any documentation you must have wasted hours and hours churning 
out  the same old smokescreens.
Refusing to share your "recipe" so to speak, with all the bullshit  you've 
come up with as to why that shouldn't be necessary, and to insult  and 
attempt to belittle those who have tried to advise you, with all that  crap about 
the "experts who just don't understand how it works" etc  etc, well, sorry 
mate but that really is the mark of a true snake oil  salesman and, if 
nothing else, you've certainly got that off to  perfection.

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