[time-nuts] Substitute GPS in a Z3801A

Robert Benward rbenward at verizon.net
Thu Jun 24 14:01:48 UTC 2010

Thanks for the info!.    Does anyone know for sure if the timimg improves 
with more satellites tracked?  I don't know how they derive the 1PPS, is it 
a blend or one satellite at a time? Maybe I will leave well enough alone.


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> At 10:48 PM 6/23/2010, Robert Benward wrote...
>>Has anyone ever put another GPS in a Z3801A?  Will the software
>>another GPS that tracks say, 12 channels?
> Possibly 8 channels. You must use a Motorola Oncore VP. A 6 channel one
> was what HP used. There are mixed reports on using an 8 channel VP -
> some say it works fine, others say you must configure it in 6 channel
> mode (but you do pick up improved reception). Whether the different
> reports are due to changes in configuration or firmware of the z3801a,
> the Oncore, or both - I have no idea.
> The commands/responses used by the z3801a prevent it from working
> directly with newer GPS modules, like the GTs, UTs or M12s (even if you
> adapted them physically).
> If you want to try and get better performance with a newer GPS
> receiver, you should be able to leave the existing board in place, and
> bypass the 1PPS input with the signal from the newer receiver. You'd
> only get in trouble in exceptional conditions (new receiver loses sync,
> but existing one is reporting good satellite lock, etc.). Of course,
> the z3801a satellite reporting wouldn't be worth much.
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