[time-nuts] Substitute GPS in a Z3801A

Robert Benward rbenward at verizon.net
Thu Jun 24 16:08:02 UTC 2010

When you say you changed location, are we speaking of moving the antenna to 
the other side of the roof, or across town?  Sounds suspciously like 


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>I now have *two* Z3801A units which misbehave in the following way
> (which this thread reminded me of):
> The GPS status says it acquires quite a few (5-6) satellites with high
> signal strength... then after a minute or two, for no apparent reason,
> it loses *all* of them simultaneously but immediately goes back into
> "acquiring" for the ones it was seeing, and a few seconds later, they're
> all back. During this time, survey (if in progress) is halted and then
> restarts and runs for a bit before halting again when it loses
> everything briefly again. Then, within days, the unit ends up out of
> lock... if I go check it, I see it doing the same thing, and when the
> satellites are being received it is in "fine frequency adjust" mode, but
> so far off the 1pps phase that it really has no hope of re-locking
> before the next time it drops and then reacquires all the satellites.
> This is independent of antenna, location, and 48v power source... one
> unit apparently has been this way since I got it, the other worked fine
> for months and then developed this problem.
> Without knowing more, I'm thinking it might simply be a bad GPS receiver
> board, thus the idea of trying to find a replacement, perhaps one that
> is better at staying acquired, has crossed my mind.
> Matthew Kaufman
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